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Bucket of Chalk Collection


The Limit - BOC Edition


Special Bucket of Chalk Edition!! Ready to push it to The Limit? Our version of the vertical limit is ready to put your fingertip strength to the test! Prepped with 3/8" galvanized steel forged eye, it is ready to hang right out of the box and is...


Switch - BOC Edition


Special Bucket of Chalk Edition!! Ready for a new challenge? Our switch grip cliffhanger will definitely step up your game! Can be rigged double point for more stability or single point to increase difficulty by adding twist and spin. Prepped with 3/8"...


Burly Stick - BOC


Special Bucket of Chalk Edition!! The Burly Stick multi-purpose training tool offers many different ways to work on upper body strength. Attach weights to the 2 included 90cm straps for a tough forearm workout, or hang from the straps for a variety of...


Bunny Ears - BOC Edition


Special Bucket of Chalk Edition!! Ready for a technical challenge? These Bunny Ears have it all, starting with 1 1/4” chucks in a fixed position under the hold that you will have to be laser focused to catch! We also added 2 jug cliffhanger grips...


The Big G - BOC Edition


The biggest, baddest chuck in our lineup, The Big G is a HUGE challenge!! Measuring 5 1/4" in diameter and 10" long, it will make doing a pullup or catching a lache a challenge for any ninja. Few will be able to master it ... will you be one of...