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Drop Everything


Elevate your grip strength with our new Drop Everything package! A new take on the classic chuck, our Drop Chucks, Drop Cones and Drop T-Swings are held at the top of the barrel with a magnet,...


Dueling Canes


Our new Dueling Canes, developed in collaboration with Sam Folsom, provide double the challenge of a typical cane. We can’t wait to see the creative uses the ninja community finds for this...


Egg Drop


Not quite ready for the Mag Chuck? Give the Egg Drop a try instead! Designed for learning the mag chuck technique by providing a little extra hold to grab, it measures 4 1/4" by 2 3/4" and is sold in...




Another great idea, straight from the future of the sport! The Infinity originated from an entry for our obstacle design contest. While not the one picked as our official winner, we loved this design...


Ring Toss Pegs


Our Ring Toss pegs fit in standard peg holes. Use like regular pegs to move from hole to hole, or preset several pairs to use as knobs for a ring toss obstacle. Ring Toss pegs are sold in pairs and...


Rings (Set of 2)


Our 9" plastic rings come in a set of 2 and have endless uses in the ninja gym! Use them with our ring toss pegs or Flying Ape Hangers, or hang them from a set of straps to use on their own.


Crash Pad Cover


Turn any mattress into the perfect, weatherproof crash pad for your ninja course. This crash pad cover, made of weatherproof vinyl, comes in standard mattress sizes:Twin - 75" x 38" x 8"Full - 75" x...

Lightning Bolt


Lightning Bolt


Designed for American Ninja Warrior athlete Electric Enzo, our versatile Lightning Bolt hold measures 32" x 12" and is sure to electrify any ninja course! $10 from the sale of each Lightning Bolt...


Falling X


Designed in collaboration with Max Feinberg from ANW Season 13, the Falling X hold features a falling shelves concept that can be used in so many AMAXING ways!! Hang by the center holes to created a...


Mail Drops


Sold as a set, our Mail Drops combine special delivery slots with magnets for a unique dropping hold. Each hold contains magnets, so they will attach to each other, to a truss or to many metal...